Hot! Homosexuality is the least of our worries

Putting the homosexuality thing aside, I really think we Muslims need to focus our attention on zina, and sexual liberality as a wider phenomenon. Fahisha (obscenity) and open promiscuity and immodesty is the primary cause of all the problems many of us are percieving to be as a result of homosexuality. Homosexuality is a symptom of the bigger problem andĀ Islam has always acknowledged its existence in people as a vice among vices. Not the mother of all vices.

We are slowly creeping towards a situation where our extreme sesitivities against homosexuality are making us see zina and obscenity in general as an acceptable compromise. This nothing short of suicide.

Millions of people around the world are dying or suffering from aids and Muslims act like this is happening because of homosexuality. The truth is zina and general moral decline is the greater factor in these things . The majority of people suffering from aids are in Africa and India where the impact of sexual liberality excascerbated by ignorance is causing the spread of the desease.

The Prophet (saw) said, ‘obscenity does not ever manifest in a people to the extent that they become brazen about it except that epidemics and suffering unprecedented in their forebears spread among them.’ (part of a longer authentic hadith in Ibn Majah and others).

The Prophet (saw) was not just warning against homosexuality but the whole range of issues that are born out of immodesty, indecency and the loss of concern for what happens to the future of one’s community.

I am not saying we shouldn’t be concerned about homosexuality, but that our concern should be proportionat to gravity of the problem and should encompass the bigger issues. At the moment it is by far disproportionate to our concerns about zina which is now spreading like a wildfire among our youth. People are obsessing about how to protect their children from homosexuality and exposure to it, but continue to allow their children to be exposed to, and even involved in zina all the time. As Muslims we have to see both to be equally destructive. Of the two, Zina is far more potent in its immediate impact on society and on faith.

Lets get our priorities straight. Start dealing with zina and you’ll deal with homosexuality anyway. It is a much bigger danger to the whole society and Muslims most of all have held on to their values and can show the whole of the West that they have fared better as a community because of their resistance to these things. Ignore zina and no amount of screaming and lobbying will protect our children from homosexuality. Think about it, if a Muslim commits zina, what will stop him/her from being bisexual?

It’s really worrying when a community works up a frenzy at someone who declares their homosexuality and won’t talk about anything else, but tolerates people committing zina under their noses without batting an eyelid.

Lets help our youth out of zina in to modesty, chastity, decency by nurturing their faith and we’ll be fine and 20 years down the line others will wish they had been like us. Otherwise we have far worse than homosexuality to be concerned about in the future.